December 10, 2023

Welcome to the SCCT, Prestige House!

We are happy to welcome Prestige House as our newest Corporate Bronze Member.
Prestige House is a VIP Club that offers its members and friends the best of global luxury in the realms of food, fashion, and lifestyle. The aim is to cultivate a community through private, co-branded, or customized events tailored to the community’s needs. This approach facilitates the availability of luxury lifestyle products to the community and friends through events, sales, and collaboration with like-minded luxury outlets. Additionally, the club collaborates with the luxury and lifestyle community, positioning itself as a hub for lifestyle services and information.
Prestige House is a luxurious combination of retail space selling high-end and unique drinks, a relaxed Coffee and Tea Venue, an Event and meeting centre, and a Venue for Media Events and Product launches.

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