Young Professionals is an integral part of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Taipei and aims to:

·  be a meeting point for all young people who have an interest in Swedish business and culture,
·  provide opportunities for personal development,
·  connect its members with people in the business sector,
·  introduce young people to the business sector in general, and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Who can join Young Professionals?

·  People of all nationalities are welcome to join the network as long as they have some connection to Sweden.
·  An age limit of 30 is generally applied.

YP aims at gathering all Swedish students on a exchange in Taiwan, as well as young graduates who want to get in contact with Swedish businesses in Taiwan.

YP focuses on four types of arrangements:

1. Relaxed networking events, such as after works and brunches.
2. On-line networking and support of one another.
3. Organized events, such as study visits to companies or lectures with a focus on young entrepreneurship and other career-related topics.
4. HR Services, such as internship and placements.

Join YP by becoming a member here.

The membership fee is 1000NTD per year and gives you full access to the Chamber!

Once you have applied to become a member we recommend you to join our dedicated Facebook group.

Glenn Lio (劉少浡)

Senior Liaison

Julia Bergström (尤麗雅)

Senior Liaison