March 11, 2022

Welcome Norqual!

The Chamber is very pleased to be able to present to you our most recent member, Norqual AB!

The journey of Norqual AB started at a family dinner in a small west coast town in Sweden more than ten years ago. The dream was to contribute to a sustainable world while following the passion of our employees. Since then, we have been building on our dream and done projects in many parts of Europe and southeast Asia. Now we are happy and proud of being a part of the Taiwanese market.
Our passion is projects in transformation! We have a long history in providing service to our clients within the renewable energy sector, the industry sector, and the public sector. Our services range in all phases of a project from project management to systems development and implementation. The core of the business is technical consultancy and management services.
Our business idea is to have a few employees and work with a broad network of partners and sub-contractors to be able to handle both small and large projects with the right person at the right time.

It is with open arms we welcome Norqual AB to the SCCT family!

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