March 31, 2021

Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Association + SCCT

Wednesday the 31st of march, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei as represented by CEO Fredrik Boye and Advisor Johan Skarendal paid a first visit to the Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Association.

As an association for Swedish business in Taiwan, we’re looking to plant our roots deep in the soil of this island and intertwine our cultures for mutual benefit. Many ideas for cooperation on future events were hatched.

We left thoroughly impressed and inspired by founder Kuo Chia-yo and her team. If this is what the youth of Taiwan has to offer, the future couldn’t be brighter.

We’re looking forward to working hand in hand with the TDDA to further common goals!

Adding to this here’s an article in Taipei Times which describes the gigantic strides TDDA has taken the past year – it’s well worth a read

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