June 4, 2021

Taipei City government Covid-19 update June 3rd

On-behalf of Taipei City Government we would like to share the latest update on the COVID19 policy.
Please see the attached infographic detailing some of the new epidemic prevention procedures that Taipei City Government will be implementing.
We also have a short summary from today’s press conference on June 3rd with Taipei City Mayor Ko:
On 6/2, Taipei City conducted 579 rapid tests at 3 sites: 279 at Zhongxing Hospital (17 positive), 159 at Bopiliao Historical Block (7 positive), and 141 at Heping Hospital (8 positive). The average positive rate between the 3 sites was 5.5%.
Recent data has shown high household transmission rates for people living at the same address. By 6/2, we cumulatively recorded 1221 household transmission cases from 456 different households.
Additionally, Taipei City Hospital’s mobile COVID-19 rapid testing team conducted 313 rapid tests at their first stop, Chinese Culture University, where 14 people rapid-tested positive. Subsequently, they were administered PCR tests and all tested negative, which indicated the rapid tests were false positives.

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