June 3, 2021

Taipei City Covid-19 update June 2nd

On-behalf of Taipei City Government we would like to share the latest update on the COVID10 policy. Please see the attached infographic detailing some of the new epidemic prevention procedures that Taipei City Government will be implementing.
We also have a short summary from today’s press conference with Taipei City Major Ko on June 2nd:
Taipei City has set up a mobile rapid testing system, with a 10-person professional medical team that work with increased mobility directly at the frontlines. The team has a current capacity of completing 100 rapid tests within 4 hours.
Taipei City will also be setting up a rapid-speed mass vaccination program. The program will include 39 hospitals, with a target of 40,000 to 50,000 vaccinations completed per day. We will be opening up the maximum number of vaccinations slots available each day based upon accreditation and capacity.
The 12 districts in Taipei have contracted outpatient clinics for COVID-19 treatment and increased service locations for the residents of each district.
In the future, Taipei City plans to have large-scale vaccination stations (e.g. Taipei Arena, Taipei World Trade Center, etc.) as well as mobile vaccination teams. Those eligible for mobile vaccination are persons who have mobility challenges and residents at senior care institutions

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