June 5, 2021

Sweden National Day – a June 6 digital celebration 2/4

We’re heading towards the National Day of Sweden on June 6th and in celebration of this we are posting together with 數位外交行動計畫 Digital Diplomacy. There are some great prices from Fjällräven Taiwan and Rockland, Vana Living and Knut Gadd Stockholm plus Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei in the mix and to maximize your winning chances, be sure to like and share every post on all our social media platforms!

【#瑞典國慶抽好禮 第二彈?:瑞典媽媽的私房食譜】
其餘在家的時間,就是我們的family time,而我最喜歡就是專屬親子的烹飪時光!
100 克 奶油 (或譯黃奶油)(室溫下)
90 克 細砂糖
3 大匙 可可粉
0,5-1 小匙 香草精
3 大匙 濃縮咖啡 (不喜歡咖啡的味道,也可以用水代替)
120 – 140 克 麥片
1. 首先,用手將所有的材料攪拌均勻(太乾的話多倒些咖啡,太濕的話則再加麥片)
2. 接著,用手搓成團結的小球,不要讓它們散開,然後放在盤子上。
3. 最後將每個小球撒上椰子片或是珍珠糖作為裝飾,就大功告成啦!?
⌚️Knut Gadd瑞典設計錶男錶兩支(兩名)? 單支市值約7200台幣?

⌚️Knut Gadd瑞典設計錶女錶兩支(兩名) ?單支市值約7200台幣?

?Fjallraven Samlaren北極狐收集者系列背包一個(一名)?市值約4300台幣?

?瑞典習慣大解密4本(四名) ?一本市值約360元?

瑞典商會希望透過國慶抽獎系列文章,慰勞這陣子辛苦照顧孩子的爸媽。本次活動由瑞典商會與 @數位外交行動計畫 共同舉辦,按讚+分享本篇貼文,讓我們一起在疫情期間多陪伴孩子,也幫辛苦的自己抽抽看瑞典名錶吧!
分享越多篇有 #瑞典國慶抽好禮 的貼文,中獎機率越大喔!?
Don’t know what to do at home on weekdays and weekends, but don’t want your children to spend too much time on 3C products? ???
Let’s take a look at the Swedish ?? mom’s recent parenting experience and unique recipes!
From a Swedish mom of three boys: ➡️?‍??‍??‍?‍??
Like everyone, because of the epidemic, it is necessary to stay home to stay safe by following the current Level 3 restriction, for adults to WFH and for kids to attend school online. ???
I have three kids, and they are now all busy at home with online courses. Since we all spend time at home, I started to make the most of our family time, and I like to cook together specifically!??????
We usually make Swedish cinnamon rolls, cakes, chocolate balls, and dumplings together!?????
Although these cooking recipes may sound a bit difficult, in fact, as long as the ingredients are well prepared and the steps are correct, you can quickly bring children to get started! From the experiences of our family, the children can be junior master chefs, because they learn fast and the dishes they make are super delicious!???
For me, cooking with them not only brings us together to create beautiful memories, but also allows our children to learn some life skills and cultivate an independent life attitude in advance. Therefore, I totally encourage you guys to put this into practice and enjoy yourselves!?
The following is my unique chocolate ball recipe: ?
The preparation and steps are very simple, and you don’t even need an oven.

100g butter (at room temperature)
90g caster sugar
3 tablespoons of cocoa powder
0,5–1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
3 tablespoons of espresso (if you do not like the taste of coffee, you can also use water instead)
120 –140g oatmeal
Decoration: coconut flakes or pearl candy

1. First, stir all the ingredients evenly
(If it is too dry, pour more coffee. If it is too wet, add oatmeal)
2. Next, use your hands to form small solid balls, don’t let them fall apart, and place them on a plate.
3. Finally, sprinkle each small chocolate ball with coconut flakes or pearl candy as decoration, and you’re done!
Isn’t it simple? I hope everyone can use this simple dessert to enjoy your time and do some house chores with kids!
Did you know that your kids grow immensely by learning to do household chores? They help teach life skills, kids learn responsibility and self-reliance, help teach teamwork, help build a strong work ethic and give families a chance to bond!

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