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January 29, 2024

SKF and ArcelorMittal join efforts to set new performance standard in continuous casting operation

SKF and ArcelorMittal have signed a five-year performance-based contract to migrate all bearing positions in the two slab continuous casting machines operating in Fos-sur-Mer to SKF relubrication-free technology bearings. This is the result of several years of tests and close collaboration between the local technical teams of the two companies.

“What really sets SKF apart as the ideal partner for such a project is its ability to provide fast, local support in the 20-plus countries where ArcelorMittal has its production plants, across Europe and beyond in other regions of the world”, says David Breuil, who is Buyer of Bearings & Standard Spare Parts at ArcelorMittal.

Better profitability, safety and sustainability

The reliability-proven solution from SKF, including SKF sealed spherical (SRB) and sealed torodial (CARB) roller bearings, has several proven advantages. Extensive tests in the operation show that the solution has drastically increased the equipment service life, significantly reduced grease consumption, and considerably reduced water contamination and risks of fire in the machines.

The project has been designed in two steps. First, in 2018, trials were launched on four pieces of equipment to validate the performance of this technical solution. The second phase involved substantial work by the procurement department and SKF to validate the expected value for ArcelorMittal.

“This is a long-term effort that has come to fruition thanks to the commitment of many people within the continuous casting department who believed in the project. We are pleased to see this partnership materialize, which should enable us to improve our reliability while reducing our costs”, says Thierry Chidekh, who is Head of Continuous Casting Maintenance at Arcelor Mittal Fos-sur-Mer.

In order to reduce environmental impact, the bearings will be systematically remanufactured in the SKF Service Center in Steyr, Austria. Depending on the degree of processing, the carbon footprint of a reconditioned bearing will be significantly lower compared to the manufacturing of a new one.

“This is the first contract of its kind for SKF in the Metal sector, involving the full migration of all bearing positions in a continuous casting machine to SKF relubrication-free technology bearings. The ArcelorMittal group is clearly setting a new industry standard in pursuing the triple bottom-line ambitions of profitability, safety and sustainability”, says Grégory Dunon, who is Head of EMEA Metal Industry at SKF.

New cladding technology reduce cost

In addition to migrating to SKF relubrication-free technology, the scope of the contract also extends to pioneering the testing of a new cladding technology for continuous casting rolls. This innovation has delivered promising performance results in the first testing phase, and has uncovered an even greater potential for reducing total cost of ownership.

“It is crucial that our business partners propose innovative technical solutions that improve steel quality, equipment availability, and reduce production costs, while also improving plant safety and reducing environmental impact. That is what we get from the collaboration with SKF”, explains Mathieu Dorlé, who is Head of Commercial Parts at ArcelorMittal.

SKF ArcelorMittal 聯手設立連鑄操作的全新性能標準

SKF ArcelorMittal 簽署為期五年的合約,將兩部在法國濱海福斯運行之板坯連鑄機中的所有軸承位置遷移至 SKF 免再潤滑技術軸承。這是多年測試的結果,且兩家公司的當地技術團隊結束了合作關係。

「真正讓 SKF 脫穎而出成為此類專案的理想合作夥伴的原因在於,它能夠在 20 多個 ArcelorMittal 已設立生產工廠的國家/地區、全歐洲及世界其他區域提供快速的當地支援。」ArcelorMittal 的軸承和標準備件採購專員 David Breuil 表示。


SKF 經驗證可靠的解決方案,包括 SKF 密封球面 (SRB) 和密封圓環 (CARB) 滾子軸承,具有多項經驗證有效的優勢。運行中的廣泛測試大幅增加設備服務壽命、明顯降低潤滑脂的消耗,並且大大減少機器中的水污染和火災風險。

該專案經過兩步驟的設計。首先在 2018 年,對四件設備進行了試驗以驗證這項技術解決方案的性能。第二階段涉及採購部門和 SKF 的重大工作,以驗證 ArcelorMittal 的預期值。

「因為連鑄機部門中有很多相信專案的人員都提出承諾,這項長期努力才能夠取得成果。我們很高興看到這個合作關係與目標被完整實現,讓我們在降低成本期間仍能持續提升可靠度,」ArcelorMittal 濱海福斯連鑄機維護主管 Thierry Chidekh 說道。

為了減少環境影響,軸承將在奧地利斯泰爾的 SKF 服務中心進行系統性再製造。根據加工程度,與新軸承製造相比,翻新軸承的碳足跡會大幅降低。

「這是 SKF 在金屬產業中相關這類技術的第一份合約,涉及將連鑄機中的所有軸承位置完全遷移至 SKF 免再潤滑技術軸承。ArcelorMittal 集團正明確地在制定全新產業標準,以追求獲利、安全和永續發展的三重底線抱負,」SKF EMEA 金屬產業主管 Grégory Dunon 說道。


除了遷移至 SKF 免再潤滑技術之外,合約範圍還擴展至對連鑄機輥新型熔覆技術進行開創性的測試。此創新在第一個測試階段就取得有發展希望的性能結果,並且揭露降低總擁有成本的更大潛力。

「重要的是我們的業務合作夥伴提議創新技術解決方案,以改善鋼材品質和設備可用性、降低生產成本,同時提高工廠安全並減少環境影響。「這就是我們與 SKF 合作後的成果,」ArcelorMittal 商業零件主管 Mathieu Dorlé 解釋道。

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