May 16, 2021

SCCT is offering up support

Dear friends and members
In Taiwan we’ve been largely spared from the global coronavirus pandemic since it began last year. Right now however, we are grappling with a small but still uncontained outbreak and even though it may be minuscule in comparison what many other countries have faced and are currently facing, we have somewhat moved into another realm in Taiwan.
We won’t dwell on what CECC expects us all to abide to during Level 3 in Taipei and New Taipei, this is posted in so many other places. What we would like to touch upon is the fact that the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei decided to focus on Personal Well-Being earlier this year, and connect this concept to most of what we engage with.

Therefore we’d like to take this opportunity to make sure that we stay close as a community and offer each other whatever is needed to keep business’ and everyone’s personal life going.

Should you need assistance with anything, no matter what, please feel free to contact us at
All the best and stay healthy

/Fredrik & Julia

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