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April 10, 2024

Prestige House exclusive offer for SCCT Members!

Prestige House offers fellow Swedish Chamber of Commerce (SCCT) Members the benefits of the Prestige House membership, including:

  • 5% discount on all Prestige House products
  • 5% discount on Prestige House events
  • 5% discount on Prestige House reservations
  • 12.00-17.00 business meeting coffee special: First cup of coffee or tea (for everyone) in the group complimentary.  Bookings may be advisable.

Interested SCCT members should register HERE (direct to the online form) first so that you’ll be included in the database of the Prestige House membership and entitled for the above benefits.

Limited time offer from now on to 31 December 2024.


Prestige House is a VIP Club that offers its members and friends the best of global luxury in the realms of food, fashion, and lifestyle. The aim is to cultivate a community through private, co-branded, or customised events tailored to the community’s needs. This approach facilitates the availability of luxury lifestyle products to the community and friends through events, sales, and collaboration with like-minded luxury outlets. Additionally, the club collaborates with the luxury and lifestyle community, positioning itself as a hub for lifestyle services and information.

Prestige House is an elegant venue that is a great place for:

  • Unique retail space
  • Daytime coffee
  • Evening exclusive drink
  • Casual but private meeting
  • Board meetings
  • Company event
  • Product launch
  • Media events
  • Whisky and Wine tasting
  • Workshops and presentation

Key Features:

  • Elegant lounges with comfortable furnishings and designs
  • Classic British style interiors with a dark wood and golden theme
  • Customizable event space for casual, semi-formal to formal events
  • On site logistical support, venue space set-up, and audio-visual equipment
  • Flexible lounge spaces and various functions suited for all types of activities
  • In-house Barista Bar for beverage

Contact Prestige House for more details.

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