April 3, 2021

Meet our members: Scania

One of our long-term members is a company whose logo you probably see in Taipei every day: Scania Taiwan. Founded in 1911 and employing over 51,000 people, Scania Group
operates in about 100 countries and is a major world player in the world of trucks and buses.

Scania is the first heavy vehicle company that has set science-based emission targets, and aims to reduce 20% of emissions from supplied vehicles and 50% of their own operations’ emissions by 2025. Electric vehicles are gaining popularity, but in Taiwan, they come with many issues, infrastructure and coal-based electric supply being two major ones. Because of this, Scania works hard to cut emissions with science-based, here-and-now solutions.

A big focus to reach this goal is to train drivers to drive more sustainably. This creates a win-win situation where CO2 emissions are cut while companies save money on both fuel and new purchases. This year, Scania has already performed over 400 training sessions in Taiwan.
Another way Scania reduces emission is through the engines and fuels offered. They offer a large range of biofuels, diesel, and ethanol, and produce hybrid trucks globally. Although these are still on their way to the Taiwanese market, Scania still offers several solutions for more sustainable transport in Taiwan. In August, Managing Director Michaela Boye delivered Scania’s 600 Euro 6 truck in Taiwan.
Scania will also reduce emissions through their future multiple-use vehicle concept, called Scania NXT, ensuring no vehicle stays idle. This means that your bus could transform into a cargo truck to always be at work. How amazing isn’t that?
We are happy and proud to have a member company with such a long history of innovation, always looking into the future and keeping sustainability in mind. And we hope that the next time you see a Scania bus or truck on the streets of Taiwan, you will remember all the thought Scania puts into making the world a better, cleaner place!
Scania減少排放的另一種方法是通過提供的發動機和燃料。他們提供各種生物燃料,柴油和乙醇,並在全球範圍內生產混合動力卡車。儘管這些仍在進入台灣市場,但斯堪尼亞仍提供了幾種解決方案,以提高台灣的可持續運輸能力。 8月,國家經理Michaela Boye在台灣交付了Scania的600歐元6卡車。
Scania還將通過其未來的多功能車Scania NXT減少排放,確保沒有車輛處於閒置狀態。這意味著您的公交車可能會變成一輛運貨卡車,以便始終在工作。

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