August 28, 2020

Meet our members: Tetra Pak

Did you know that only 9 percent of all plastic waste ever produced has been recycled? The plastic waste problem, especially packaging waste – must be addressed for a more sustainable future.

We met with our long-term member 利樂創新界 (Tetra Pak), Communications Director Adrianne Huang and Market Sustainability Expert Yuli Su to discuss how Tetra Pak has moved towards a circular economy by creating packaging that reduces environmental impact.

Tetra Pak is a B2B company and several times every day a Taiwanese citizen most likely holds in their hand a product from Tetra Pak – a fully recyclable plant based carton on tea, milk or juice with a screw top made out of sugar cane. Just to put Tetra Pak’s production in perspective; in 2019 Tetra Pak sold over 190 billion packages and these are increasingly being recycled at more than 170 sites worldwide.

From our discussions with Tetra Pak, it’s very evident that Tetra Pak’s core business is sustainability, it runs through the veins of the company which makes them an important and tough act to follow. We’re very proud to see that Tetra Pak is a member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei!

To find out more about Tetra Pak, visit their website.


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