July 28, 2020

Meet our members: Rockland

Last week, we met with Hank Lin, the owner and founder of Rockland. Rockland is a long-standing member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei and the exclusive agent of many carefully selected outdoor brands in Taiwan, always with the environment as the starting point and advocating environmental sustainability where people and nature coexist peacefully.

We came to discuss the similarities and differences between Taiwan and Sweden and rapidly concluded that for every difference we found over 100 similarities. Both Swedes and Taiwanese appreciate quality and simple design that has a clear purpose, we see beauty in functions and smart ways, we adore the wilderness of nature, care for lasting change to promote sustainability and we both want to stand out and be spectacular, but in a friendly and likable way!

We also spent time discussing several exciting joint activities to promote Swedish culture in Taiwan, so stay tuned and keep an eye on Rockland and Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei.

Hank showed us around Rockland’s cool showroom store were you will find may prominent brands – among those, the epic Fjällräven, a brand that has become a true institution in Sweden since its launch in 1960. Regardless which Swede you ask you will most likely hear a story of how they first came in contact with the brand; we inherited downhill skiing clothing from your parents or grandparents, we carried our school books in a Fjällräven Kånken backpack, went on our first hike as a kid up Sweden’s beautiful snowy mountains wearing Fjällräven boots and sleeping safely in a Fjällräven tent.

Among other Swedish brands, Rockland sports Tierra, a brand well-known for waterproof and outdoor functional clothing made only from the best materials and typically worn by many hikers, downhill and cross-country skiers. The Tierra clothing line is also famous for being the garment choice by explorer Ola Skinnarmo during “The Arctic Long March” in 2000.

Another famous Swedish brand you’ll find in Rockland is PRIMUS. PRIMUS means 第一 and has its roots all the way back in 1892 when the Swedish inventors Lindqvist and Svenson created the world’s first soot-free kerosene stove. The brand has become so strong that in Sweden it’s the eponymous with a kerosene stove and when you go hiking, you pack your PRIMUS.

If you’re looking to surprise your hiking party with a proper hot pot meal while hiking the beautiful Taiwan mountains, the only true solution is spelled PRIMUS!

Hank, we are proud to represent you in the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei!

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