April 12, 2021

Inspiring Taiwanese high school students

Through a collaboration with Principal Pamela at Zhongzheng Senior High School in Taipei, we were fortunate enough to inspire some 700 high school students during a Sweden Day event on Friday last week.

After a brief introduction by our CEO, Taiwan’s former Ambassador to Sweden, Dr. T.C. Liao took the stage to talk about Taiwan’s goal of becoming a bilingual nation by 2030, his experiences of living and working in Sweden, differences in educational systems, culture, and our many similarities.

We were also fortunate to have a seminar with Swedish YouTuber in Taiwan Lukas Engström and Taiwanese YouTuber and Podcaster in Sweden David Liu 瑞典劉先生. The bilingual session was moderated by our board member Glenn Lio and touched on differences between Sweden and Taiwan, challenges of living abroad, choosing an education, and what it’s like to work with content creation.

To finish off the day, MOWES held a workshop with around 50 female students on a topic deeply entrenched in Swedish values – women’s rights and empowerment. MOWES is a non-profit community space offering gatherings, workshops, and movement classes, aiming to empower the community.

Thank you to Zhongzheng Senior High School students and staff for having us, and for the amazing people who made this day a great success.

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