October 3, 2021

Annual General Meeting 2021

On September 17th, 2021, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei welcomed members to its 7th Annual General Meeting, hosted for the first time in a virtual setting in light of the ongoing pandemic.

In addition to Board elections our CEO presented the review of our Chambers activities, events and financial position during the year 2020 and presented an outline of the objectives and events planned for the year 2021.
New Board of Directors were elected and we say welcome to the following Directors:

Ms. Louise Wikström, Director, Ekpac
Marcus Westdahl, CFO, Scania Taiwan
Jeanette Edman, Höganäs Taiwan
Hugo Asplund, IKEA Taiwan, (re-elected)

At the same time, the SCCT team wishes to say a big thank you to Mr. Kamlarp Sirikittiwatn, Mr. Leo Fan, Ms. Matilda Guthartz-Pålsson and Mr. Per Jansson who are now leaving the Board. We really appreciate all your hard work for the Chamber and the wider business community in Taiwan.

The CEO would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported and guided us during the year. I also thank all my colleagues on the Board for their continued support and guidance.

(Directors) 董事會成員

Mr. Hugo Asplund (IKEA Taiwan) (Re-elected into a two-year term, subsequently elected as chairman)
Ms. Emily Wang, 王⽅平 (Ericsson Taiwan Ltd.)
Mr. Martin Söderberg (TCO Development)
Mr. Thomas Shaw (HighSpeed Digital Co. Ltd)
Mr. Robin Johansson (Vana Living)
Mr. Marcus Westdahl (Scania Taiwan)
Ms. Louise Wikström (Ekpac Taiwan Ltd.)
Ms. Jeanette Edman (Höganäs Taiwan Ltd.)
Mr. Glenn Lio

(Supervisors) 監事會

Mr. Charles Chang 張峻榮 (SKF Taiwan)
Mr. Pi-song Tsai 蔡碧松 (Dentons Taiwan)
Mr. Hank Lin 林振翰 (Rockland)

On a more personal note the CEO would like to thank Mr. Johan Skarendal for his important contributions to the Chamber during the year.

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