The SCCT Innovation Award (SIA) recognises Swedish and Taiwanese partnerships which create meaningful solutions to common challenges.  The Award is inspired by the example of Swedish entrepreneur Alfred Nobel whose prize rewards innovations benefitting humankind.

The Award will be granted to an SCCT member company who has developed a new or significantly improved product or service that is commercially viable and contributes to at least one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.  The extent to which the case submitted impacts the development of both the company and society are important factors in the evaluation.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei connects Sweden and Taiwan. Throughout the year we develop collaborative relationships among businesses, individuals and community organisations. An Awards Ceremony will be held in Taipei in December to recognise the achievements of the people and businesses who have innovated for a better world.

How to Participate

Book a meeting with the SCCT to discuss how to showcase your innovation for sustainability.  Simply write to

Submit your case sending to the SCCT this Form (click to download).

How submissions will be evaluated

The SCCT Board of Directors will evaluate the submitted cases according to the award objectives, rank the cases and determine the winner. The project manager will function as a secretary and support the discussion with information.

It is paramount that this award have integrity.  If any Board member has a conflict of interest based on a personal or professional relationship (such as currently representing the same company as the applicant) they will self-identify as being in a conflict of interest and not participate in that part of the discussion and decision.

The Award Ceremony

The Award ceremony is intended to motivate Taiwanese and Swedish collaboration for the benefit of humanity and the world overall.

The event exemplifies our mission to connect, appreciate and learn from one another as well as contribute to our common sustainability goals.  The ceremony format is inspired by the Nobel gala in which keynote speeches will be delivered about the significance of the innovations being recognized.  Cultural exchanges and relationship building will be facilitated through art, entertainment and dialogue.

The award is an occasion to make the world a better place by working together for our common good.

Become a Sponsor

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei consists of companies that have thrived through innovation – creating compelling new products or substantial improvements to existing products. Each successful innovation represents a step forward for the company, and for Taiwan – delivering more functionality and better value for money. The SCCT wants to recognise and celebrate those among us who have made this possible. We will do this by means of a competitive process to find which among us members have delivered the most outstanding innovation in the Taiwanese market.

By participating in this sponsorship – you will enable us to find and tell these stories of companies and individuals that have innovated. Perhaps you are one of them?

Sponsorship offers you:

  1. Promotion throughout the 2024 Award Program – Your company’s name and logotype will feature prominently in all official communication in regard to this project, both online and in print.
    • Online, we anticipate a prolonged outreach campaign in relation to soliciting applications for the Innovation Award itself, the gala dinner celebrating the award as well as follow-up interviews and stories about the leading participants in the award contest. Your logotype will feature on the media we use for all these posts.
    • In print, your logo will be applied to a “media wall” at the entrance to the gala dinner. You will have a dedicated space for merchandising/exhibition at the venue. Tableware, appetizers, napkins etc. may also be branded – dependent on your needs.
  2. 4 Tickets to the Innovation Award gala dinner event are included in the sponsorship package for use by your company.
  3. Front-of-line access to opportunities – as Sponsor you join SCCT Gold Members to gain access to opportunities and events that are organized in relation to the program.  These opportunities will develop throughout 2024.
  4. Be part of the Program Committee – As Sponsor you have the opportunity to be part of committee which implements the Award Program.  This is a great way to contribute and to lead business development in your industry and in the Chamber.

Price of Sponsorship

The Innovation Award sponsorship package is prized at 65,000 NT a piece.

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