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CEO at Mindful ROI International

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Tina is the founder and a corporate wellness trainer at Mindful ROI International and has over 20 years of diverse experience in training, sales and marketing and business management. Her own passion for teaching and sharing wellness and mindfulness stems from her first-hand experience of overcoming depression after learning mindfulness at the age of 30. She has worked with thousands of client employees and developed corporate wellness programs for companies such as Gartner, Qualcomm, Givaudan, Caterpillar, BMS….. etc. in the APAC region on wellness and mindfulness.
Tina graduated from University of British Columbia and she was trained and certified by University of Oxford, OMC, as an MBCT – Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Teacher. Sometimes she uses yoga as a tool to help her clients when it’s called upon.
After attending a few events with SCCT she found not only the events are well-planned and executed, it is also a warm and learning community open to new ideas and knowledge sharing.
She joined the chamber hoping to share the tools that transformed her own life from the inside out with the Swedish business community as she strongly believes wellness is the golden key to true success.
This ties in well with the Chamber Personal Wellbeing theme so you had better keep an eye out for upcoming events!