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The Young Professionals’ mentorship program 2023 is now open for applications! This is the first time it is being repeated since its’ start in 2020. Much like our previous program, its purpose is to connect young talents such as yourself, with already-established professionals in Taiwan.

Mentors will come from our member companies such as IKEA, Ericsson and Atlas Copco.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to:

  1. Develop the knowledge and skills needed to reach your professional goals, and to receive advice and guidance through communications with your mentor
  2. Connect with established professionals in Taiwan
  3. Further develop a professional network in Taiwan


The mentorship program is a three-month long (April-June) and semi-structured program.

There will be an initial meeting for all participating mentors and mentees end of March 2023. This will be to kick off the process and will be followed by one-on-one meetings between the mentor and mentee, which have been cordially scheduled.

Group Q&A

During the program, there will be monthly sessions led by SCCT Project Coordinator Sarah Nygård. These meetings will be held for your benefit, to share your experience, and to discuss questions that may come up during the course of the program. Please note that these sessions are held for your benefit on a completely voluntary basis, but are highly recommended to attend in order for you to best grow in your role as a mentee.

You and your mentor

The number of meetings you will have with your mentor will depend on each pair’s individual needs and availability. The responsibility of contacting and setting up meetings lies with the mentee, however, mentors who have signed up are expected to be responsive throughout the program.


Mentees will all have a professional or educational background in Sweden, or a shown strong interest in Sweden, and be a Young Professional member. The mentee will be selected and paired up with a mentor based on;

  1. educational background
  2. interests
  3. career aspirations
  4. relevant skills

Application Deadline

Please apply for the mentorship program by filling in this form by March 17th.


Participation fee

Mentees: NTD 1,000

The fee includes a kick-off workshop with all mentors and mentees. We hope that you are interested in sharing your experiences, as well as are open to learning something new by participating in our mentorship program.


March 30, 2023
14:00 - 17:00
Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei
+886 965549078