14:00 — 17:00
百事益國際 BYTE International, Section 3, Beixin Road 207號, New Taipei City, New Taipei City, Taiwan
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Have you ever wondered what happens with your old computers and other electronic gadgets once you discard them?

Electronic waste (e-waste) is one of the fastest-growing waste streams in the world. E-waste contains lots of hazardous chemicals but also useful materials which could be reused. A circular economy, where parts and materials are reused in an infinite loop, and there is no need for new raw materials, seems far away in the future. But there are companies that are showing the way and already are contributing to reaching a circular economy. Bestyield is one such interesting example. Bestyield is contracted by some of the largest IT-brands to handle their repair infrastructure. Repairing is an important part of the circular economy and is a lot more sustainable than recycling.

SCCT and TCO Development invite you to a study visit to one of the most prominent electronics repair organizations in the world, Bestyield (BYTE International).

During this study visit, you will get an introduction to the sustainability challenges connected to electronics and hear from some of Taiwan’s experts in e-waste handling and repair. You will also get to see how a professional electronics repair organization works in practice and ask questions directly to the experts. You will also get some practical advice on what to do with your out-of-date computers.

What you will learn from this tour:

  • Sustainability challenges and solutions throughout the lifecycle of IT products
  • Concepts and practices of circular economy with a focus on IT industry
  • Tips for properly handling your not-in-use IT products in Taiwan


  • Welcome & Opening
  • Challenging the IT industry early at the design and manufacturing stage (TCO Certified)
  • Getting to know the importance of IT repairing and the impact on circular economy (Bestyield)
  • Behind the scenes: Refurbishment in practice – Line Tour & Concept Store Tour (Bestyield)
  • Break & Snack
  • IT Recycling policy and reality in Taiwan: How you can all contribute to a more sustainable future (Jackie and Candy)
  • Q & A

Meeting Point & Time

Meeting time: 1:50 pm (10 mins prior to the actual tour start time)

Meeting Point: 7-ELEVEn on the ground floor

(No. 205-1, Section 3, Beixin Rd, Xindian District, New Taipei City)

Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei
+886 965549078