16:00 — 23:00
M Club, Taipei, Zhongshan District, Taiwan
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It’s that beautiful time of the year again when leaves slowly turn yellow, orange and red, temperature starts to drop to more manageable levels and we prepare to celebrate Taiwan National Day – then you know it’s CRAYFISH time!

In 2022, both member and non-member tickets sold out within a week so be sure to secure your ticket already today!

Date: 14th of October

Time: 16:00- late

Where: M Club (Zhongzheng District)

You will be treated to a very traditional Swedish festivity with great food, drinking songs, “snapsvisor” in the company of new and old friends. This event is the perfect way to entertain clients, colleagues and friends and to enjoy a typically Swedish celebration.

During this festive evening you will enjoy traditional Swedish delicacies like home-boiled crayfish from Taiwan, cheese pie, potato salad and other various condiments together with free flow of beer, wine, singing and networking. And of course, we provide silly hats, bibs and our very own snaps to go with the singing!

The history of ‘kräftskiva’ (crayfish party) stretches back to as early as the 16th century, when it started to become popular with the Swedish royals. In the 17th century, Swedes started eating crayfish on a wider scale. The name kräftskiva was coined in the 1930s and it’s believed to have derived from the 19th century bourgeois crayfish ritual ‘kräftsupa’ – involving crayfish and alcoholic drinks. As for the kräftskiva as we know it today, it took off in earnest during the 1960s.

The kräftskiva season kicks off at the beginning of August and usually runs well into September. These days, no specific date is set, although traditionally the crayfish party season began on the first Wednesday of August, reflecting the historic Swedish ban on crayfish fishing between November and August 7. Most crayfish parties take place outdoors and so does ours. We have found the perfect spot by Meiti riverside which allows us to celebrate in true Swedish late summer spirit. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Keli Yen
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