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Our Story

Scandinavian life is inspired by the seasons, natural landscapes, and philosophies of the North.

VANA is the Swedish word for custom, and we love sharing stories about the way we live. The way we celebrate big traditions and take the time to find happiness in small, everyday things, too. After a long, quiet winter, we light bonfires to banish the darkness and celebrate the first signs of spring. Summer is a haze of flower crowns, wild swimming, and days that feel as if they’ll go on forever. And when the leaves start to fall and the nights draw in, our homes light up with candles and open fires.

We often bring nature into our homes. Flowers, a pebble, or a few fallen branches add a sense of calm to everyday life. Here at VANA, we’re dedicated to protecting nature. We donate 1% of everything we sell to sustainable charities.

And all our products aim to capture a sense of Scandinavian wellbeing, so you can experience a little in your home, too.

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