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About TCO Development

TCO Development is the organization behind the sustainability certification TCO Certified. We work globally and our vision is a future where all IT products have an environmentally and socially responsible life cycle. To achieve this, we release a new generation of TCO Certified every three years. By developing our criteria and verification methods continuously, we address new sustainability challenges and keep on pace with advances in technology.Our story began more than 25 years ago when we introduced TCO ’92, which included an energy saving sleep mode for computer displays. Since then it has evolved into the world-leading sustainability certification it is today.

About TCO Certified

The criteria in TCO Certified are designed to target a more circular approach to the production and consumption of IT products and require that the IT industry take responsibility for both social and environmental sustainability in their supply chains. TCO Certified is also designed to help organizations contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Compliance with criteria is independently verified during the certificate’s full validity period. TCO Certified is a third-party certification in accordance with ISO 14024. TCO Certified is available for eight product categories and is used by purchasing organizations all over the world.

Regional presence

TCO Development is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with regional presence in Asia, EU and North America. TCO Development is owned by the non-profit organization TCO – the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees.

Senior Management

Mr. Sören Enholm is CEO of TCO Development and Mr. Martin Söderberg is the company’s regional representative in Asia.

Chamber Representative

Martin Soderberg

Industry Relations Manager
+886 931290186