Baseload Power Taiwan uses hot water from the Earth to produce 100% renewable energy.

The first step in our business process involves identifying existing geothermal wells, or locations where there is a well-documented hot water source. Working closely with local communities and power companies, we lease or purchase the site, obtain permits, and establish power agreements. A team of geologists and drilling operators then works to establish a flow of hot water between 70° to 120°C, the temperature at which an innovative new heat power technology can convert heat into electricity.

Baseload Power’s technology partner is Climeon Taiwan, a subsidiary of Climeon AB. Climeon’s Heat Power Module makes it possible to quickly deploy low-temperature, distributed power plants that produce electricity from geothermal energy. The company’s B shares are listed on Nasdaq’s First North Premier. Certified Adviser is FNCA Sweden AB.

Baseload Power Taiwan is a subsidiary of Baseload Capital, a special purpose investment company that funds the deployment of geothermal power worldwide. Baseload Capital is backed by several well-known and respected investors, such as Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

Taiwan was chosen as an ideal location for a subsidiary based on its location on the Ring of Fire, and for its virtually untapped geothermal resources. The company has ambitious goals to help the Taiwanese government install 200MW of geothermal power by 2025, and set the country on the path towards energy independence.

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