Piku Utbildningar
Eden Kontorshotell
Hyllie Boulevard 53, vån. 3
215 32 MALMÖ

T: +46 73 353 00 94


Since 2001, our passion is to contribute to change and development in society by implementing new ideas and knowledge in Sweden´s public sector. We do this by creating high-class training and events for elected officials and civil servants throughout Sweden. In May 2023, we plan a study trip for healthcare politicians to study Taiwan´s healthcare system, recognized to be the second best in the world, after South Korea. Sweden has some major problems and challenges within our healthcare, and benchmarking with Taiwan will be inspiring in many ways.

At Piku you will find knowledge in various forms:

  • Live training, both on site and online
  • Recorded training and courses
  • Special course packages for your area of ​​interest
  • Special events such as the study trip to Taiwan 2023

Chamber Representative

Ingrid Haraldsson