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Our name, Libero comes from the word “Liberate”.

Because ever since we were first found in the 1920’s, we have always believed that all babies and parents should be free. It’s a name, and a belief, that we’ve strived to live up to ever since.

We invented the disposable diaper. This revolutionised how people cared for their children. For the first time ever, parents were free from the constraints of cleaning and preparing diapers, enabling them to just be with their babies. And ever since, we’ve continued to craft diapers tailored for complete comfort, so that nothing gets in the way.

You see, we’ve never been content with diapers that just absorb and prevent leaks; all diapers protect, but only the best liberate. That’s why we’ve spent the last 60 years innovating and creating new products; Up&Go pants, swim pants, and more recently, we launched Touch, our super-premium diaper that feels softer than ever on babies skin.

It’s always been our mission to liberate parents from constraints and we continue that endeavor today. We do so by being the most progressive brand on the market; always moving forward, always improving, always questioning the status quo… because it’s our belief that every parent and baby should be free to be who they want to be.

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Kate Yang

Assistant Brand Manager, Taiwan
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