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“Lillördag” After Work

Red Room Rendezvous 紅房餐酒館 Section 2, Keelung Road 252號, Taipei City

Welcome to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei´s first monthly Lilllördag After Work.

In Sweden, "Lillördag" signifies the celebration of life's simple pleasures and the anticipation of the approaching weekend. Translated as "Little Saturday," this tradition captures the essence of finding joy in the middle of the week. Swedes gather on this evening to unwind, socialize, and infuse a touch of relaxation into their busy routines.

The meeting place of our Lillördag is Red Room Rendezvous, close to Liuzhangli MRT station. No registration is needed, so come by, grab a beer, mingle, and unwind!

For more information on Lillördag, here´s an article that summarizes it!