19:30 — 23:30
Piccola Botega
Piccola Botega, No. 1, Section 1, Bade Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100, Taiwan
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A communal dining experience with a dinner party atmosphere gives you the opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones.


Black Hats is in part a performance; each course begins with an insightful introduction by the chef; educating guests on where the products are sourced, the inspirations, and techniques behind every dish. Walk right up to the kitchen to take photos and ask the chef questions as he prepares the next course.


We specialize in creating multi-sensory fine dining events; it is our mission to create new and unique offerings that evoke some of the greatest shared food experiences–social, engaging, and celebratory–with cuisine and hospitality at the highest levels.

Our main focus is Nordic cuisine with flavors that are intrinsically delicious and familiar, with technical renderings of memorable dishes and whimsical references throughout. The concept for each dish is deeply-rooted in childhood food memories, while simultaneously highlighting the Nordic region.

No two beverage plans are the same. We curate a beverage menu to complement your seasonal tasting menu with a selection of wine and beverages from local and international producers.
Chapter 4: Resfeber
The state of the world has restricted many of us from traveling and with it has limited our exposure to new experiences, and more specifically different cuisines. Allow Black Hats to take you on a journey, not just in the present, but also into the past…
因為現今全球疫情讓我們無法自由地四處旅行,也因此限制了我們嘗試新事物的機會,當然異國料理也是其中之一. 就讓我們來帶您踏上一段旅程吧,一段不只讓我們航向未來的旅程也讓我們回到過去.

Throughout this chapter we invite you to escape Taipei for an evening and immerse yourself in a cuisine from a faraway place, inspired by a different time in our lives.

Chef Martin & Yigal have travelled around the world and now they will use inspirations and experiences they have had with the cuisines of these different regions.
This first dinner in the Chapter will take us to Italy. The food and drink will be prepared using traditional and modern Italian cooking techniques and ingredients, with a Nordic twist added.
靈感的啟發源於各種事物,從地方、景點、氣味到口味. 義大利對馬丁與Yigal都有著深遠的靈感及影響力.我們希望藉由這道晚餐,藉由料理帶領您進入他們對義大利啟發和回憶的世界.

You and your guests are invited to join us for a 7-course, 5 drink pairing fine dining experience brought to you by Chef Martin and Yigal. The dinner will feature 3 starters, 2 mains, and 2 desserts all of which will be finely paired with drinks that accentuate all of the flavors.
主廚馬丁和 Yigal將為您呈現一場由7道餐點,包括3道前菜,2道主菜,及2道甜點和5道配餐酒組成的精緻餐點饗宴.

We will have different seatings to allow for smooth and elevated service. Please choose the time and date that is most convenient for you and your guests. We ask that you arrive on time as we will begin service at the scheduled time.
We look forward to hosting you!
活動將會有不同場次,請告知我們您偏好的日期及場次時間. 請務必準時出席. 我們期待與您相見!


May 15, 2021
19:30 - 23:30