A membership with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei comes with many benefits.

Information / Publication

Through the quarterly magazine Dragon News, our web site and the e-mailed information, as well as the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Taiwan Directory you have access to channels of communication with other members, government bodies, relevant trade organizations and other members in China and Hong Kong. You will also be informed of Chamber activities and members’ news and information. Through informal as well as more formal meetings, you will have opportunities to exchange information and advice with other Sweden-related companies and organizations.

Business opportunities

Speakers’ luncheons and meetings held on a regular basis feature Swedish and locally, and internationally renowned speakers from the private and public sectors, as well as in-house speakers. Seminars and workshops are also offered to members to increase your knowledge and keep you abreast of recent developments, practices and regulations of relevance to the business world. You may participate in events of relevance to your business to promote your product, service or brand.


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei, shall participate in local and international meetings, seminars and other events to represent its members and broaden the knowledge of business in Taiwan and of Sweden among Taiwanese counterparts.

How does one become a member?

A company or individual of any nationality which is interested in the objectives of the Chamber can join as a(n):

  • Corporate member
    Companies can join as Corporate members with an enterence fee of 10.000NTD and an annual fee of 24.000NTD
  • Individual member
    Individuals who wish to join may do so as Individual members with an annual fee of 10.000NTD
  • Supporting member
    Students may join as Supporting members with an annual fee of 2.000NTD

Application form

SCC Taipei has four types of memberships: Corporate, Supporting members, individuals and Young Professionals. To apply, please visit our GlueUp website.