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TCO Development is the company behind TCO Certified. TCO Certified is an international third party certification program for ICT products. Products bearing the TCO Certified label meet tough requirements on both usability features and minimal environmental impact. Since 1992 the TCO certification program has had a significant influence on improved image quality and ergonomics for displays, as well as the reduction of electromagnetic emissions from ICT products. Energy efficiency and reduced usage of hazardous substances are also key aspects of the TCO Certification.

Since 2009 criterion on social responsibility is also included in TCO Certified. The TCO certification program covers notebooks, desktops and All in One PCs, computer displays, projectors and phone headsets. For ICT manufacturers TCO Certified is an independent verification for products that meet one of the world’s strictest usability and environmental requirements. TCO Certified is often requested in public and private procurement.


TCO Development is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with regional presence in Asia and North America. The company has its origins in TCO – the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees.

Senior Management

Mr. Sören Enholm is CEO of TCO Development and Mr. Martin Söderberg is the company’s regional representative in Asia.

Chamber Representative

Martin Söderberg

Martin Söderberg

Regional Manager Asia
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