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Roxtec – flexible and innovative cable and pipe transits

Roxtec sealing solutions provide certified protection against multiple risks such as fire, gas and water. The seals are available in different versions and materials in order to cover the needs and requirements of any project within offshore wind, shipbuilding, oil and gas, energy, infrastructure and the manufacturing and process industries.

You can use Roxtec entry seals in walls, floors, underground, as well as in cabinets and enclosures. The product range includes solutions for EMC, bonding, grounding and for use in hazardous locations (Ex).

With Roxtec cable and pipe transits you ensure safe operations and save time in all phases, from design and installation through to inspection and retrofit.

Roxtec has invented Multidiameter™ for flexibility through sealing modules with removable layers. It enables sealing of multiple cables and pipes of different sizes in each opening and gives you an option to design with capacity for future needs.

Roxtec also provides the free, online tool Roxtec Transit Designer™ which simplifies product selection and the entire engineering process.

The Roxtec sealing system is ingeniously made to help you protect life and assets.


Roxtec 密封系統提供認證級的保護,可有效阻絕火焰、氣體、水等多重風險,並有不同的款式及材質以因應滿足不同需求。客戶遍及離岸風力發電、造船業、石油與天然氣、電力、基礎設施、加工及製程和設備製造等產業。

您可以將Roxtec 電纜入口密封件應用於牆體、地板、地下或是箱櫃及電箱裡;且提供EMC、接合、接地以及危險場所(Ex)等專用密封系統。

Roxtec 電纜及管線穿隔不僅可確保您作業上的安全,並能為您節省從設計、安裝到維護、檢驗及改裝的作業時間。

Roxtec 是 Multidiameter™ (多徑) 解決方案的發明者。該靈活解決方案以可剝芯層的密封模塊為基礎,能應用於各種尺寸與開孔的電纜和管路,讓您在設計階段就能依未來擴容需求來更有效地運用我們的產品。

此外,Roxtec 也提供一免費的線上設計工具─Roxtec Transit Designer™,它能協助您可簡化設計和工程,加快施工安裝速度。

Roxtec 密封系統將有效地協助您保障生命和資產安全。

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