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BOX酒廠創立於2010年,坐落於瑞典高地海岸的 Ådalen區域,為延續酒廠建築於20世紀初期曾為製作木盒坯料鋸木廠的歷史特色,便以BOX 為名。而從創廠至今,短短8年時光,便以其得天獨厚的凜冽地利環境與精湛釀酒技術釀製的絕佳威士忌酒款,讓BOX從一個沒沒無聞的小酒廠華麗轉身,成為備受威士忌行家與業界矚目的世界級明星酒廠之一。而為避免致使消費者將其品牌與其他相似名稱品牌混淆,自2018年7月起,原酒廠名稱BOX DISTILLERY,將更名為『HIGH COAST DISTILLERY』,中文品牌名稱將同步調整為「瑞典高岸 單一麥芽威士忌酒廠」

The BOX Distillery lies beside the Ångerman River in Ådalen in northern Sweden. The distillery is named after the local heritage of making “Wooden Box”. From the first day established till now, within’ the short 8 years (in whisky world, yes, it is short) Box distillery had becoming super star which was highly praised and recommended by whisky industry and connoisseurs around the world. Simply (yes, it’s not hard.. simply) because the unique geographical environment and origin, knowledge and passion to whisky. From Jul. 2018, distillery had officially changed its name to “HIGH COAST Distillery” simply want to avoid the confusion with another brand name with “box”.

Chamber Representative

Morgan Li

Vice President